Profile and Philosophy

HIDTMA GROUP (Hydraulics and Environment) is a private technical consultancy group of companies specialising in Environmental studies and Coastal and Ports Engineering.

The philosophy of HIDTMA GROUP is that of providing technical advice with complete independence. Quality of service, client satisfaction and respect for free competition within a professional market, are all basic tenets of the company’s philosophy.

HIDTMA GROUP undertakes its work based on its human resources and the latest technology available, using the most advanced techniques, supported by numerical models of the best quality and the most sophisticated measuring equipment.

The diversification of HIDTMA GROUP into different companies placed in different countries that work in related and complementary activities permits in-depth and detailed work on our part. Always seeking the most adequate solution for the needs of our clients.

The HIDTMA company was created in 1990 formed by a group of professionals in their majority from the fields of applied research, numerical modelizations and environmental evaluation of the marine environment, analysis and viability of ports and beaches and advanced measuring and analysis techniques.

In its beginnings HIDTMA worked in the field of numerical simulations of coastal processes and environmental studies. It quickly extended its activities to the fields of engineering and technical assistance for projects.

The evolution of the company has permitted the creation of a GROUP of technical studies and consultancy companies covering the different fields of the coastal sector. This structure over different companies permits an approach of greater specialisation, benefitting clients due to the effectiveness and optimisation of resources.

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