R+D. Research and Development

The importance of technology is a premise assumed by HIDTMA GROUP, in its awareness of the need to innovate and improve the technological resources with which to provide solutions for clients.

HIDTMA GROUP develops and perfects hardware and software solutions for the improvement of data processing in marine climate studies as well as for the design of beaches in accordance with physical and granulometric parameters. Through their experience in hydrodynamic modelization, HIDTMA GROUP participates in the Spanish Group for the development of the Non-Linear Advanced Wave Model.

HIDTMA GROUP professionals participate in different PIANC expert groups within the Enviroment Commission and the Inland Navigation Commission developing informative working documents for members of PIANC.


The characteristics of HIDTMA GROUP as a coastal engineering consultancy  group mean they have a presence in the most relevant expert associations and groups on both a national and international level.
The company directors and technicians belong to different associations from the coastal, hydraulics and environmental sectors.


In relation to training, HIDTMA GROUP has a commitment in its company policy to the continual training of its technical team. The presence of our professionals on courses and seminars, as well as their attendance at sectorial conferences and forums, grant us awareness of the latest advances in the world of engineering and enable us to incorporate them into our working practices.

Beyond this training, the professionals of HIDTMA GROUP participate as speakers and lecturers in the most relevant conferences and forums presenting the advances undertaken by the company in relation to innovative processes and project design.

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