Tridimensional model designed for the simulation of seas, estuaries and lakes in the aspects of hydrodynamics and contamination.Their principal characteristic is the existence of vertical transportation and speed variations, thereby being able to define different levels.

MIKE 3 provides the simulation tools if you need to model 3D free surface flows and associated sediment or water quality processes. MIKE 3 is widely recognized as the gold standard for environmental and ecological studies.

Typical MIKE 3 applications:

  • Assessment of hydrographic conditions for design, construction and operation of structures and plants in stratified waters
  • Coastal and oceanographic circulation studies, including fine sediment dynamics
  • Optimisation of coastal outfalls Environmental impact assessment of marine infrastructures
  • Ecological modelling including optimisation of aquaculture systems
  • Lake hydrodynamics and ecology
  • Coastal and marine restoration projects
  • Analysis and optimisation of cooling water recirculation and desalination

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