Professional team

HIDTMA GROUP brings together a team of professionals characterised by their extensive experience in the management and development of projects, their commitment to the company philosophy and the value of their technical qualifications which enable them to design the best solutions for our client’s projects and studies, and respond to their particular set of problems.

Some 80% of HIDTMA GROUP’s personnel consist of university graduates forming part of a multidisciplinary team including:

  • Civil engineers
  • Agricultural engineers
  • Graduates in Physical Sciences
  • Graduates in Chemical Sciences
  • Graduates in Biological Sciences
  • Graduates in Geological Sciences
  • Graduates in Marine Sciences
  • Graduates in History (Archaeologists)
  • GIS specialists
  • Graduates in Environmental Sciences
  • Licenciados/Diplomados en Informática
  • Topographical engineers
  • Public Works engineers
  • Others

Complementing the above graduates we also have:

  • Draughtsmen and women
  • Ship captains
  • Administrators
  • Auxiliary personnel

All the personnel form part of the different specialist departments that work together on the different projects and studies.


Ports and Fluvial Engineering

Ignacio Berenguer Pérez

Coastal Engineering and Coastline Management

Javier Enríquez Fernández

Oceanography and Environment

Fernando Ruiz Bauzá

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