The HIDTMA group has a multidisciplinary team and great experience in the development of environmental studies in the coastal environment, with technical resources and fully up-dated mathematical models of the very highest reliability.

The technical studies and assessment can be grouped into:

Outstanding project


The extension of the Sagunto Port is building work promoted by the Port Authority of Valencia and awarded to HIDTMA, for the purposes of adapting the port capacity to existing needs in freight traffic, given that the port is a key point in the transportation and production capacity of Valencian industry.

Given the type of activities on on the coastline, it has been necessary to undertake a process of Evaluation of Environmental Impact which resulted in a positive declaration in favour of the project.

HIDTMA carried out the EIA upon the preliminary project and, by so doing, was able to introduce the modifications and corrective measures into the final project.

Prior to the impact study, HIDTMA carried out diverse work of an environmental nature which permitted the drawing up of the EIA with current information and data.

The environmental and cultural factors of greatest relevance were the archaeological value of the surroundings due to the presence of the old Roman port and the natural enclave of Marjal del Moro.

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