Marine ecology and biology

Studies of marine benthos

  • Identification of flora and fauna species
  • Sedimentological studies
  • Identification of benthic communities

Studies of fishing resources

  • Study of fisheries
  • Projects for the installation of artificial reefs
  • Monitoring of artificial reefs
  • Experimental fishing
  • Fish farm projects in open sea (floating cages)

Studies of marine plankton

  • Identification of phyto and zooplankton
  • Characterisation of physics-chemistry of the sea water mass

Water quality and sediments

  • Physical-chemical analysis of sea waters
  • Evaluation of eutrophication
  • Chemical analysis. Characterization of sediments
  • Granulometries

Outstanding project


The biological monitoring of the Benicàssim II artificial reef, a project involving technical assistance contracted by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of the Generalitat Valenciana from HIDTMA ECOMAR, has as its objective to study and analyse the first five years of its installation, the processes and effects derived therefrom.

Amongst which of note were:

  • Evolution of species populating the reef area.
  • Deterrent effect of the reef on the activity of fishing trawlers
  • Repercusions of the installation on small fishing boats
  • Impact of reef installation on coastal dynamics. Evolution of module stability.

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