Improved Port Efficiency and Safety providing Enhanced Vessel Navigation

Container Vessel

Docking Assist will create a centralised, cost-effective, real-time, accurate vessel location and monitoring system, providing the necessary centimetre positioning/speed accuracy.

This system will provide efficient and safe manoeuvring within the entire navigation harbour zone enhancing vessel trajectory, and providing constant monitoring for moored/docked vessels.

The DockingAssist system is composed by two parts:

  • The harbour will be equipped with a differential GNSS Base Station, and a Wireless Technology offering a range of several kilometres, in order to send the DGPS corrections data to the vessels, and receive real-time position, speed and heading data from them.
  • A portable unit will be equipped on the ship side composed mainly of a DGPS receiver and a Wireless node to receive the indications from the harbour.

Main Benefits:

  • Time reduction in transit, enhancing port traffic management and throughput with minimum investment.
  • Reduction in operating expenses, CO2 emissions and fuel usage.
  • Less environmental impact of shipping.

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